Love Whispers

Grandiose gestures that typically define Valentine's Day definitely make an impact, but truly it's the little things through out the day that remind me how wonderful love can be. Sometimes love whispers to me through my daughters in the most pure and beautiful ways.

For at least a month now, my 14 month old has been giving "kisses" by leaning her face in towards mine and making the sound "mmmwwah". No matter how many times she does it in a row, it never ever gets old.

Early in the morning, when I am not quite ready to spring out of bed, Sj joins us for a morning snuggle. She always wakes up bright eyed and cheery. She comes running into our room, pulls back the covers and tells me all about her dreams from the night before. There's really nothing like the passion and happiness that exudes from my 4 year old.

Typically after dinner Sj turns on the Little Mermaid soundtrack on the living room stereo. She gestures for my hubby to join her. They have a dance routine choreographed to each song for the entire disc. They spin, laugh, twirl, and exude the power of love between a father and daughter.

Now that GL is so independent and mobile, she interacts and plays with Sj in such delightful ways. Sj will ride her scooter through the kitchen, dining room, and living room while GL chases after her on her little toddler car! They both squeal as GL almost catches up to Sj, but never quite gets her! Adorable.

Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I returned to work, but I know I couldn't trade this time for any salary. These moments are priceless. I love my job, staying at home with my girls.