Not Even a Blip on the Radar

To my heart pounding and racing surprise, a letter from Boulder Valley School District arrived in my mailbox today. Hmm, that's strange, letters aren't going to be mailed until tomorrow, February 6th. I haven't felt this way since I mail ordered tickets for the Grateful Dead in 1992.

As I opened the envelope in slow motion, unfolded the paper, and scanned the paragraph, my heart raced even faster. Turns out we aren't even a blip on the Open Enrollment radar. We were not selected for any of our school choices this first round. Second round letters are mailed out February 28.

Yes, there are still plenty of chances. Just so happens we weren't selected first. Hopefully all those folks that were granted a space in one of their choices will move back to where they originally came from (california, texas, kansas??). Just teasing.

In the meantime, you can find me sobbing in my dinner plate tonight.

Once again, to be continued...


  1. WTF! You didn't get into even ONE of your choices?! I feel so bad after telling you what great luck we've had. Hmm....I will cross my fingers, toes, and heart that for you! Come on second round letters!!

  2. Sorry to hear that!! Especially after all your hard work! Good luck on the second round :)

  3. When we did the lottery for A's school, he didn't get in the first round. The follow five days were the longest in recent memory. He got in in the second round, thank GOD. We go through it again next year for J, but it'll go a lot easier because he's a sibling, among other reasons. Good thing, I don't want to go through that again. Hang in there, wait for the next round before you panic. Drink wine in the meantime.


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