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We were enjoying dessert number two after dinner tonight and having a lovely conversation. BTW, dessert number one was peanut butter kiss cookies and dessert number two was cheesecake from Whole Paycheck with fresh berries and whipped cream.

I casually asked my hubby what year we met, I was thinking was it '87 or '88? Whatever year it was, I was in tenth grade. I have that type of selective memory, I call it my school year memory, because I can recall most of the important events of my childhood by grade level.

Then, Sj piped in, "I think it was '44!"

Of course we both laughed hysterically.

J quickly followed with, "pretty much".

Sj was curious as to how we met, I gave her the quick version, which transpired into, of course, more laughter. I told her I was at a party and I answered the door and her daddy was the one that was knocking. I introduced myself to him, after catching my breath, and it was all over from that point.

Sj inquired, "You didn't have a husband, so you decided you needed a husband?"

I told her we were friends first. I wasn't quite ready for a husband at 15.

Our friendship grew over the next two years. November of 1991 we became inseparable. Fast forward 16 years later, married, 2 kids, house, the whole nine yards. All I had to do was answer the door at a friend's party.

Shakespeare's got nothing on us.


  1. Very sweet! Yes, I do remember it well also, that fateful evening! Also, I think it is sad that Ben down below has not received any comments. You need to manifest another Ben fan. Love, KS

  2. I do have another Ben fan (deniselv) maybe she hasn't been by yet!

    Or, I am happy to have him all to myself!

    So for the record, what year was that? 88 or 89?


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