Open Enrollment Drama

This was the headline of the Boulder Daily Camera yesterday, much to my dismay: BVSD open enrollment hits high, shuts some kids out!

Wow, what a year to have a child starting school. 3,991 applications were taken for open enrollment this year in Boulder Valley. Now, those numbers are reflective of all open enrollees such as middle school, high school, and elementary level. I wish I had the number for entering kindergarten!

Plus many parents, as the article states, are hopping on the Peak to Peak bandwagon because of their national recognition in 2007. It wasn't one of my choices, wipe my brow, I don't think putting college preparatory and kindergarten in the same educational focused setting is a match for my little miss artsy! Sounds a bit daunting to me, college and being a 5 year old.

As for the relief that article provided, at least we weren't denied. We are still waiting for news from round 2, sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed, Sj will be one of the very lucky chosen ones!


  1. I missed that headline; I suppose if I got the Camera I would have seen it. LOL! Peak to Peak is a fantastic school, we didn't even bother to apply because it's always full. I anticipate A's school is going to be in the same league as PtP soon if it keeps getting rated excellent. I love his school. Good luck on round 2!

  2. That's just insane. We have sh*%#y schools here, unless you want to pay up the yin-yang, so I suppose I have nothing to worry about. Or do I?!


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