A Pink Load

From a very young age, I learned lessons in laundry duties. Typically for sorting, it was your basic darks, whites, towels, colors, and heck with three older brothers there was even a denim load. I'd help my mother sort through the mounds of laundry that comes with a six person household. I believe my mother would give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the laundry folding department, she is an impeccable folder. Maybe even to a fault, when I watch my hubby fold laundry I can't help but to cringe a bit.

I would never ever complain about the way he folds laundry. Why? Because he is actually doing laundry.

Lately, I must admit, I can barely keep it in check with only four of us and two of those have half size clothing. Sometimes it's never ending, the darn laundry. Hands down the absolute hardest part of doing laundry is the final step, which I refer to my hubby as, "the follow through". You can probably guess what the final step is, yes- putting the beautifully folded clothes away, that day. If not, it turns into a scavenger hunt to find a t-shirt or some item that is always at the bottom of the basket, creating chaos. Not to mention my 14 month old darling daughter absolutely loves dumping clean folded laundry. Ultimately, driving me bonkers.

With us off on an adventure all weekend, the laundry was neglected. So today turned into laundry day. As the girls and I were sorting away, I had a little laugh. There is so much pink clothing in this household, that I have enough to fill my entire washing machine with a PINK LOAD of laundry. Isn't that insane?


  1. Gah. I am doing yet more laundry today. I'm sick of it. Bleh. And no pink. At all!

  2. Same here. Laundry days used to be: M/W/F. Now, they are: EVERY FREAKIN' DAY OF THE WEEK. *sigh*

  3. i love it when the boy marches into my room at 3 am and announces i wet the bed, but i changed my jammies. so i know at 3 am that when i get up in 3.5 hours i will have a soaking , smelly load of sheets and quilt to greet me and make sure that i start off my day as a proper housewife should...doing laundry.

  4. a whole load of pink. what is the world coming to?


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