The Best Forward

Sometimes I think about the nature of women and men and just how down right different we are. A friend passed along this email forward (above photo) with accompanying photos, all "porn for women". They were fit men, taking out the trash, bringing home flowers, putting down the toilet seat with cute captions. When it comes down to it, most women would agree, their men are likely to be happily satisfied the evening they do the dishes. No they don't have to be naked, or wearing some cute tight short shorts, they just have to scrub a few dishes and voile we are theirs.

Which leads me to half the forwards my hubby receives. Recently it was a photo of one of his office mates pretending to take a dump in co-workers office. For some odd reason there were extra toilets around after a remodel and yes, two guys schemed up this prank complete with a fake poop. Oh, and I got the photo of the co-worker pants around his ankles, reading the newspaper, in the middle of an office. It went straight to my trash can. Bizarre.

If you need a good laugh or a cheering up, email me and I'll send you the entire forward, you'll enjoy it.