The Spoiling...

As a child I grew up never knowing my grandmothers. They had both passed away before I was born, at what I would consider to be very young ages, too young really. Luckily my parents have passed those ages and are very healthy with some minor come-with-aging setbacks.

My maternal grandfather passed away when I was about 4 years old, so I don't really have very many memories of him. Although I do clearly remember all the family gathering at my house after his funeral. On the other hand my paternal grandfather lived well into his 90's. The sad part of that story was that we didn't see very much of him growing up. I suppose my grandmothers were the glue that held our families together and when they were gone, our family wasn't the same.

I find I am left with many "what if's" about my childhood when I reflect on growing up with out grandparents. Granted my parents provided me with the love that I needed, but I never had a Sunday dinner gathered around my grandmother's kitchen table. They never showed me how to make pasta or bread or their favorite special dessert. They were never given the opportunity to buy me my first pair of shoes. From all the stories I have heard over the years, I truly do feel a sense of loss when I think of them. I never knew the wonderful women my parents called Mom.

Which leads me to the buzz and excitement that fills my house this very morning. Today is the day Nana and Papa (my parents) arrive from New York to fill my house with love and commotion! My girls are fortunate enough to have 3 sets of grandparents, which all love them dearly. Nana and Papa visit about 3 times a year to our delight. The girls are totally spoiled from the moment their airplane lands in Denver. Soon the house will be full of enticing aromas and the banging of the hammer, as Nana will be cooking, most likely a pot of sauce, and Papa will be fixing something in my 50 year old house.

Most generally speaking, my parents don't really come to see me, it's all about the granddaughters. Their entire focus is the girls from touchdown to takeoff, which I don't mind whatsoever. Considering daddy has been out of the country since last week, I may just have to take a long hot shower. Or maybe a walk on the greenbelt with no one tugging on my leg or asking for a snack. More than likely I'll get to a few projects done around here i've been putting off for way too long. Oh happy days!


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