Tall Drink of Water

If you asked any friend of mine to describe me to someone that hadn't met me, more times than not the first thing that would come from their mouth is, TALL. Yes, it's true, all 5 foot 11 inches of me. I believe that very statistic puts me one inch over the official tall women's club minimum height requirement. I am not kidding these organizations do exist, although I guess I would be on the short side of the tall club.

Being above average in height definitely has it's benefits and draw backs. I spent most of my adolescent years towering over any boy I thought was cute, leaving me a bit self conscious about my height. I continually replied "no" to inquiries about my athletic talents, such as, do you play basketball? I was much more receptive to the model comments, as my ego needed a serious stroking. Super models were just coming into their own at the time and looking back on it, that's really a tough group to aspire to.

Now, being much older and wiser I don't give a second thought to a double glance I receive from someone in the store or walking on the street. I celebrate the fact that clothing companies, such as the Gap, have created denim lines that have inseam measurements for women. Fancy that. And, I am even grateful that 5 extra pounds can fluctuate on this body with out much notice.

Recently I have even come to know women that look me straight in the eye, possibly even have an inch on me. They are confident and beautiful. I still have deep rooted posture issues, but I am working through them. I even joke with my taller friends that I would have given anything to have met them during a time when being tall was pretty much a nightmare (yes, 12-16 years old). We have a familiar experience that creates a comforting bond.

Right now I could even laugh at the fact that the showerhead in this condo is like 9 feet tall. Oddly enough, I would consider it too high because when the stream reaches my body it's wider than me. I guess I have the insight of being 5 foot tall now in an average shower. I can almost guarantee that most of you have never had to do the shower limbo, bending in contortionist positions to rinse shampoo from your hair because the shower head was at your shoulders.

So the next time you see a taller woman, maybe you could just smile at her. She's not intimidating, she's just like you with a bit more leg.


  1. Hey, I came over from Mile High Mamas.. and I am 5'10"!


  2. I'd also be considered a squeaker in the Tall Club at 5'11". All leg. I was this tall when I was in 8th grade. And yes, it sucks donkey bits sometimes. Funny, though...I coulda written this! LOL


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