Tomato-Tuh-mey-toh? or Tuh-mah-toh?

It was fourteen years ago my hubby and I relocated to Colorado and I still struggle with some of the dialect around here. I can not escape the impact Upstate New York had on my language development. I say this quite proudly as I long to cling onto my Yankee dialect and scoff at some of the most random terms they use around here.

In New York we say soda or the brand name Pepsi/Coke. The Colorado version is pop! Pop?! That's what any good Italian American girl calls her dad, not a beverage in a can.

In New York we ask for a brown bag or paper bag. The Colorado version is sack! Sack?! That's what I hit when I am overly tired, I don't put my groceries in it. "Hit the sack" is a term I heard growing up over a thousand times.

In New York we enjoy lollipops. In Colorado they call them suckers?! Not sure where to go with this one, other than, what the hell? Typically I reserve the term sucker for someone that can be dooped really easy. What a sucker!

Which leads me to the following photographs. GL had to get some shots today so our Dr. offered her up her very first lollipop (although the M.D. actually said sucker!). She clung to the darn thing for about an hour and fifteen minutes with out even taking a lick, until finally in the safety of our home, she popped it in her mouth. There was no turning back from that point.


  1. Ahem...from Chicago...
    It's a coke. Downstate (central Illinois) it's a sody. No joke.

    It's a bag.

    A lolly...but that's because I'm too lazy to say lollipop. And J can't say sucker. ; )

  2. Hey, we moved here from Maryland January 1994!!!!

    And I started saying "pop" almost immediately. But I still say lollipop. Sucker is just wrong.

  3. Couldn't agree more. Nothing makes me cringe more than "pop". Ugh!!! - K. Mac


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