What Makes HIM Different

My attempt at a bicycle cake! Take a Click for a closer peek.

It's the 25th, so around here that's the What Makes Me Different Day, but in honor of my hubby's birthday, it's going to be all about him. I am amazed another year has flown by and I believe this makes the 16th birthday we have celebrated together.

We had "grown up" dinner reservations at The Kitchen in Boulder, where we ate at the Community Table, and shared conversation with some lovely folks. Turns out there were 4 other Feb. 25th birthdays at the table. I would highly recommend it.

So what makes my hubby different..

1. If given the choice, no matter the distance, he would rather ride his bicycle to the final destination.

2. A never ending dedication to our girls.

3. An artistic eye and attention to graphic detailing.

4. The ability to stick through the good, the bad, the happy, and the roller coaster ride we call our lives!

5. How he embraces other cultures with an open mind and zest.

6. A passion and vision for his work.

7. How he makes me melt, after all these years, with a deep gaze from his blue eyes.

8. A love of cooking & talent in the kitchen.

9. Unique sense of style.

10. A vast knowledge of music and film, old and new.

Here's to another year my love.


  1. Ooh, I'll have to check out The Kitchen. I'm always on the lookout for new restaurants! :)

  2. BTW, when we still lived in CO, we LOVED the Kitchen. That's a GREAT place for ANY meal and I love how they're so earth-friendly.

  3. Sweet...happy belated birthday, hubby!


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