3 Moms, 5 Kids, & The Local News

Meeting up with some friends for a hike is a perfect way to spend a beautiful Colorado day. We can brag our back yard is home to some of the most famous scenic landscapes of Colorado, one of which is Chautauqua Park in Boulder.

Basically the plan was to hike, eat some lunch, and play at the park. What we didn’t anticipate was getting interviewed for the local news. Now, I am not sure about you, but when I go on hikes, typically I am not dolled up from head to toe. Although, a cultural norm in Boulder is to be very stylish in outdoor gear even on the trails, typically with Pata-Gucci (aka- Patagonia) as we jokingly refer to it, or any brand name yoga/work out gear.

But, because I knew my friends were not anticipating me, all matchy-matchy in my $150 hiking outfit, I threw on something comfortable. The only prerequisite for me was putting on a shirt that was long enough so that it didn’t ride up when GL was in the backpack. Yeah, exposing my belly is where I draw the line. Funny enough, I was just fine with exposing my unshaven legs a tad, oops.

We hiked. The 3-5 year olds did a magnificent job, I guess being Colorado natives, hiking is in their blood. The wind blew. The younger two had a nice ride in the backpack. So nice, that they decided to head hanging all wobbly, fall asleep. We ate lunch. The wind really kicked up. We were about to mosey over to the park, when we were approached.

Hi, I’m from 9 News, can we ask you a few questions, film your children. We don’t hesitate to offer up our children. Of course when it comes to interview time, my 4 year old is basically auditioning for a spot in the segment. So guess who out of the 3 adults gets interviewed? Me. Yes. Me.

Funny enough, I immediately thought of this post from June Cleaver Nirvana, from just a few days ago. So maybe it wasn’t George Clooney at Target, but it was 9 News after a workout. Hmmm.

Here we are, enjoy friends. Yes, there are cameos by the one and only Jen @ Never a Dull Moment.

For a quick peek, 9News Website once on the page, scroll down to the left, click on the RED VIDEO camera in the story under 9 News Video, it will play.

[Hang tight, video will appear here, after all the kinks are worked out. apparently my version of the video is not liked by blogger video or you tube. shucks bunny.]


  1. OMG, that is awesome.

    Your voice is different than what I had thought it would sound like. And I hadn't even realized I'd thought about what your voice would sound like!

    Yay! And yay for Jen! I want to come out and play with you guys! I'm jealous!

  2. That is so funny. I think you did good and would make George Clooney proud! And the kids are soooooo adorable.

  3. That is soooooo COOL!! The link worked for me. And girl? You looked awesome!

  4. You did look great!


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