And..Can I Forget This Moment?

I noticed a rather unusual stain on my bedroom sheets. I know eew and how random? Yes, I even sniffed it under further investigation. No noticeable odor. It seemed as if some juice or tea had been spilled down the side onto my bedskirt, at the foot of my bed. Hmmm...To top it off, I was pretty annoyed that I actually have to remove, wash, and iron the bedskirt. It looks awful if I don't iron it. I couldn't think of a time the girls would have brought juice into the bedroom. So, I go to the last suspect, the husband.

Me: Did you see this totally random stain down the sheets onto the bedskirt?

Hubby: Oh, that's beer. GL was diving off our bed and I had my beer in my hand, it spilled when I was catching her.

Me: So, you didn't take the sheets off when you did it? YOU are going to get the fun job of dealing with the bedskirt.

Hubby: no response.

And, as you can imagine, no follow up with the laundering of the beer stained sheets either.


  1. Oh sweet Lord, he left it there? So many comments running through my head...I have an idea! Give him a date to have it cleaned by or a cleaning lady will show for the day to clean the entire house. :) Just a thought. ; )

  2. I think our husbands truly are soulmates. KS

  3. See, in my house I'd be the one to spill the beer.

    And as for ironing the bed skirt? I couldn't even tell you where my iron is at this point.

    Sad, but true.

    And now I'm going to go grab a glass of wine and try to not spill it!

  4. If you get him to iron that bedskirt, we all demand that you share your methods!

  5. He didn't clean it up? Just like a man!

  6. Update...I handed the hubby the bedskirt after dinner tonight. He asked me where exactly it goes on the bed and if he had to remove the mattress to do it?

    Marriage, always good for a laugh.


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