Baskets are Brimming

Oh the tides have turned. I should be snapping pictures because they are sure as hell going to last longer! Yes, my house is tidy. All the rubbermaid bins are back in action. They were quite lonely and a few had lids strewn in other random rooms of the house. How exactly does that happen? All my decorative baskets are brimming with Barbies, ponies, puzzles, games, toddler toys, craft supplies...on and on! I actually feel giddy when things are where they belong, categorized, and put away.

I use the laundry basket method to get all of our (well actually the GIRLS) things back to their appropriate spot. I started in the playroom on the very bottom level, had one up to bedroom basket, one "going to disappear basket", and of course one trash can handy. Finally, I worked my way through from the playroom, to the living room, to the girls' bedroom. What a day.

After it was all said and done, I just wanted to sit back, have a cold iced tea, and enjoy the view. But instead what felt like every 5 minutes, my darling 4 year old would chime in, "MOM! Can I play with the trains now?" Of course my response was, no they are all organized in the trundle drawer, so don't touch them.

With my organizational juices flowing, I even made a post-nap trip to the local TjMaxx Homestore, to purchase more baskets. Although, after I got them home, I realized they were only single layer fabric, so all of the toys and whoosie-what's-its were poking out on the sides and bottom. Bummer, things to do tomorrow, return baskets.

Sj: Mom, can I play with the trains N O W?

Me: No, they are all nice and neat. Nice try though. Maybe tomorrow.

See, now the trains are exciting. All I had to do was put them away, all together, and they become so much fun. I don't think the trains have been touched in weeks. Tomorrow, we'll spend the day building trains to cart around the Polly Pockets, because that's what Thomas likes to do in his spare time, when he isn't hauling coal, give Polly a lift to the beach.

Choo! Choo!

........Put Your Hands Up, Stay Away From The Organized Trains.......


  1. I am very jealous of your organizational endeavors. I cannot wait to become OCD again once I have a true home again! KS

  2. It always looks so good and but never lasts long, but it does gove you a nice feeling in side for at least a little while!


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