Bento Practice

When my husband returned from Japan last year with a bento for Sj, it seemed so small for a lunch box to me. I thought it was better for a snack. But now that I have discovered the world of bento lunches, I understand my American viewpoint lead me to believe the bento was too small. Really, the bentos are perfect, if you just think of lunches with a new perspective.

Sj went to lunch bunch today at preschool, even though it's not a normal school day for her. It's funny, I never seem to be well stocked on the days she needs her lunch made for her, which is about once a month. Of course her school is nut free, so PB&J was out of the question, I didn't really have any good sandwich fixings, so I had to take a different route.

We had left over waffles from breakfast this morning, so I let what I had on hand guide me to fill her bento. The contents of this bento were, blood oranges, cheddar cheese, raisins, with a touch of dry teddy cereal in the top compartment. The bottom section had 1/2 of a waffle, a yogurt, and 3 Pockys. She ate as soon as she arrived at school, so I didn't have to worry about keeping the yogurt cold. It came back with a stray raisin or two, so I guess it was a success!She wanted to carry her fairy lunch box, so I just put the bento inside with her water bottle. They fit perfectly.
And off she goes......


  1. Perfect!
    It's all about presentation!

  2. I have GOT to get some bento boxes! Of course, this means I'll be back to making lunches after I successfully passed that chore to Tom, but I keep thinking A would eat more lunch out of a bento! And I want one for me, too. LOL!

  3. I've never heard of a bento. But anything to get my kids to eat is fine with me!

  4. My daughter would LOVE this! I wonder if they have them at the Hello Kitty store?

  5. BRAVO! I love it! How did Sj like it? I haven't seen any of those at my local asian store, but I am still searching!


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