Beware Of the ENEMY!!!

Here are a few things I just have to get out, which may not be censored. These are personal views and NO, I did not go to great lengths to research all of this information. I read, I watched, and now I have a quick moment to respond.

Was is not just last week the media was over-reporting, Barack Obama was a closet Muslim (with potential extremist ties) complete with schooling in South East Asia at a ripe impressionable age?

Fast forward to Fox News Today: Hannity went into full details on Obama being a member of some Racist Christian Church in Chicago. The minister is taking heat for his stance on race and trying to embrace his community. Oh, and this same minister “advises” Obama. OOOh…watch out America, Fox News has your back.

I hope their future specials feature an insider’s perspective of Clinton and McCain’s churches, because “I” being the informed voter that I am, really do give a shit about their hype and SPIN. And, remember that old outdated notion of Separation of Church and State..Yeah, thought so. The President of the United States religious CHOICE is not at the top of my list of qualifications, sorry Fox News. top it off, I caught a few minutes of the View this morning, where Elizabeth H. went into a big diatribe about if she was a member of a church that had strong “white” values , it would be considered racist. Oh no, is Barack Obama actually going to church with a bunch of Black people in Chicago? Shame on him, doesn’t he pray in the white part of town? I guess the United Church of Christ is not completely aligned with the White Anglo Saxon Protestants, big no, no!

So is Obama a Muslim or a non WASPY- Christian?? Gosh, I guess they equate to being the same thing in conservative Republican media outlets.

What is everyone so afraid of? I hope the majority of Americans can see right through this bullshit. Political Rant over..Gosh, I really don’t want to get caught up in all this, but I can’t just sit by and watch this nightmare happen!

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  1. And this is just the beginning. It. Gets. Worse.

    Hannity is a tool.

  2. I came to visit after I saw your comment on my blog. :O) I wrote you a long reply over there. One other thing I wanted to add, after reading your post - I can see why jewish americans have concern, either way, of Obama's religion. Muslims and Wright and Farrakhan (leader of nation of Islam) are not very fond of jews.

    Obama has written about the influence Wright has had on Obama over the years as his advisor and spiritual mentor. That has caused concern in people. (more on my blog)

  3. The media ALWAYS has to find something wrong and negative about everybody and everything. If anyone divides this country, it's them.

  4. fyi, fox news is not a far right entity, they are right down the middle,aka,fair and balanced, the problem is all the others are so far left they make them look that way, you are so used to there far left propoganda,p.s. how about that great far left governer of ours in ny!

  5. Like i keep saying is it really only eight months to the elections??!!

  6. Amen sister. If it's not one thing, it's going to be another. Hopefully Obama can hold his own up until the convention...

    And I HAVE to disagree with Paul. Fox is so not Fair & Balanced it's not even funny. You do have to take everything you hear with a grain of salt (be it Fox or MSNBC) but there's no way Fox can be considered Fair & Balanced, unless of course, you believe what they're trying to sell you.

  7. Me again - Ciao! I saw this video today, and thought of you. I was just wondering what your thoughts are to this video.

  8. I watched the video and I hope others do as well. I am not threatened by Wright.

    I believe a majority of what he is saying. Rich White Men have held the power in this country for far too long, I don't think there is much denying that FACT.

    As for Hillary, she is brilliant, but I think she is too tied to more of the same (good ol' boy mentality) as far as political affiliations and making change.


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