Can I Freeze This Moment?

Sometimes I just feel the urge to capture a conversation with Sj. Last night we were having dinner before J returned home from his trip (after bedtime of course!). Obviously I was showing the signs of wear and tear of being on duty for the last week. We all have those moments with our children, when you just want to freeze in time how precious they really are.

Sj: Mom who do you want to be on Fairytopia?

Me:I want to be the tired mommy fairy that naps on the couch!

Sj: Ok, we can do that. I can put Sissy to sleep, but wait I don't have the num-nums as she points to her chest. That's ok, right? I can rock her and sing her a lullaby.

Me: Sounds wonderful, shall we start now.

Sj: I'll clean the floors and take care of everything. You can just relax and get your beauty rest.

Me: Beauty rest, huh? How thoughtful, I need some beauty rest, maybe if I slept until June we would notice a difference.

Now she's on a roll, I just can't seem to slow down the wheels that are turning in her head.

Sj:I'm going to have a big night, I'll do everything. You don't have to do one thing. I'll log into your blog, and listen to that easter song again, and I'll check everything. MOM, MOM! can you open the gate because I need to get downstairs to start cleaning the windows and vacuuming.

Me: Perfect.

Then, not even 2 minutes later, my tired Sj shows up to take excited Sj's place.

Sj:Wow, that was hard work, I don't know how you do it.

I guess talking about being a mom made her tired. Can you only imagine how I felt?


  1. sweet! Makes it all worth it for a few hours, huh? LOL

  2. next time she is interested bring her over here! How cute.


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