Does 9 to 5 Exist?

My darling and dear husband has a very unique job. One of the most important aspects of his job is to chase snow. If the snow is good somewhere on Earth (seriously!), he has to know about it. Then, he has to work double time to get a crew of folks there, possibly including himself, at just the right time.

*Snowmen in Hakuba, Japan-- taken by my hubby on his latest trip*

When he's in town and working at the office, his hours seem to be endless. I am not sure why I haven't grown accustomed to his absence, he's been with the same company for 9 years. It's nothing new really, but I still fret over it. Then there's the whole notion of "down time". I just chuckle when he mentions his slow time in conversation. 9 years later, I am still waiting for the lull at the office.

Of course there's the travel component of his job. The majority of his winter travel needs to include weekends. Weekday travel is enough of a bummer, but when he returns on a Tuesday evening and wakes up and heads out bright and early to catch up on his office work, I just S I G H.

I once told my husband I wished he was a grocery store manager. I figure we could get a discount on food and he would have normal hours, with no travel. He laughed. Now that I think of it, maybe a mailman would be perfect. Federal Holidays off, set hours, and local. ALthough, there's the whole Saturday delivery. Crap.

So my big question to ponder is, does 9 to 5 really exist? Or is it just a big mythical beast I dream of, like my 4 year old dreams of being a mermaid named Ariel....


  1. it sure doesn't exist in our house. it did during the AF years, but now that bushie is in office i doubt it exists there either.

  2. It exists here. Madhubby has a very regular schedule, which is both good (predictable) and bad (inflexible).

  3. I think it's a myth we tell kids as they grow up so they can tolerate the thought of 16 years of education. It sure as hell doesn't exist in this house. One of the reasons Tom left teaching was because of the unholy, suck-your-will-to-live hours of a high school band director. It's better now, but he's still going to crash on the couch this evening with his laptop to get more work done. Oh least then I can join him with my laptop and read blogs. ; )


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