I Wanna Grow Up...

Not so fast my little darling. Time is of the essence. There's a common theme running through my 15 month olds life right now, I wanna grow up! Observing her big sister all day has lead to mischievous antics.. It's kind of hard to convince GL, she has plenty of time for all this big girl stuff.

In the mean time, I can just try my hardest to capture this silly girl in action...

I still use the sling almost daily for GL during that witching hour before dinner, when I am scrambling to get things done. Her big sis received this sling from Santa, so of course it was only natural, she wanted it on!

Believe me, I am not encouraging potty training at this age, I know we have a year. She really is a curious little girl and demanded I take her diaper off when she caught sight of the baby potty. She did tinkle twice.. Time for the potty to go away.


  1. It goes so fast, doesn't it? Precious pictures!

  2. holy moly , how'd that happen so fast! Mines just sat in the high chais for dinner tonight agh....

  3. Trust me, she's already over the potty now.. she gets this weird cry -- laugh when she sees it and says nervously over and over "pah-ee, pah-ee"! too funny!

  4. Mr. E wants to be a big kid too like his sis, but isn't interested in the potty :( I LOVE those pictures!


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