I'll Never Learn!

We have the girls' portraits taken professionally *cough, cough* once a year. Well, are they really taken by professional photographers at our local mall studio, no. The photographers at this particular mall location, is staffed by a group of young adults, post-high school, but not quite grown up. Sometimes that can work in your favor. Other times it's a disaster.

Funny thing about this photo studio chain, they don't hire professionals, but they charge decent prices. Interesting. This should be warning sign number one.

Basically I take so many pictures through out the year, that I can only justify the studio experience annually. Plus, honestly I can't handle the stress of the whole experience. Pick a time that would work for "happy faces", have the kids fed, hope they cooperate, pray the random person clicking the photos has done this for longer than a week.

So yesterday was the big day. We went to the mall, made the appointment for a time I thought would work best. Went through all the motions. Thought the pictures were so-so. Finally I just settled for eyes open, some sort of smile. I didn't feel like she captured any photos that really showed my girls' personality. Isn't that why Kand*d is in their name, to capture their personality, not 20 teeth showing smiley over done portraits?

We get to the final 6 shots. We have portraits, almost in hand. Of course we have to do the formal check of the final prints. I notice some strange mark on GL's forehead in one of the shots. Well, that's weird, she doesn't have a nickel size bruise on her face, or I would have cancelled the damn appointment.

Turns out it was dirt or dust in the camera. The manager, awkwardly touched up the picture. BTW, they don't normally touch up photos, only if it's their fault. I would say dirty cameras are definitely their fault. He handed over the new prints, we left in a scurry.

Of course now I am looking at the pictures with a different eye. Aha, the damn bruise-dust appeared again..and again. So, I had to return to the studio. He did some more touching up. They don't even have photoshop at the studio. Shame. Shame.

Now, the short of it. There was so much touching up it changed the overall color of 2 other photos. I called the 1-800 #, where they "blah, blah" we'll photoshop it for you and call you back. No call back, yet.

How do I get suckered into this crappy place every year! Someone please remind me next March to avoid at all costs the local mall photo studio. I wish I slapped down $9.99 at W*lmart, I probably would have been more satisfied!
GL's photo, I actually touched up the dark spots from her chin!

Once a year, I'll suck it up. There has to be a great Studio, that is reasonable, but worth it. If you have any Studio secrets, please, please, please I beg you.. Share them.


  1. I hatehatehate K.K. to the fiery pits of hell. The last time I crossed their doorstep they were so far behind we waited for 1 1/2 with a crabby kid...and they lost another child in the studio, thus shutting down production in the studio. I complained to corporate, they offered me free retakes (we left 'cause A was beyond salvaging), and I told them where to go and how fast and not to bother sending me a postcard. ; )
    That said, I love Portrait Innovations. Go on a weekday when they open at 10, no lines. Weekends are a nightmare, don't bother. But I've been very happy with the quality and professionalism of the studio. They're in Superior over by Costco.
    If you're looking for a real photographer, I love David Schlatter Photography: http://www.davidschlatterphotography.com/ He's fantastic. We've gone to him a couple of times...once every three years or so...he's fantastic, but ain't cheap. ; ) We can talk more, but I agree with K.K. IcK!

  2. oh great we were going to be going there next week. maybe not. i know GHD in the moms club has that really good one over in thornton. They still look really cute though!


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