It Happened...Again

The last few nights have been tough, I've been sleeping on a futon in Sj's room. She had a mild case of hoarseness, so I immediately jumped to conclusions and feared a middle of the night coughing episode, complete with a trip to Urgent Care. Well, that hasn't happened. So now I can feel relieved that a bit of hoarseness does not equate sundown episodes. Oh the torment that can be brought on by a mild cough.

Although a futon was our bed of choice for years (what in the world were we thinking??)..I am glad I have moved back into our bedroom.

So last night, I went to bed at the ripe hour of 7:30. We had turkey tenderloin for dinner and I think the Tryptophan kicked in beyond belief. The good news is, I was so deep into my slumber, that I had another wonderful dream. This time Tom & Katie were kicked to the curb. And yes, my friend Ben, as in Ben Haper and I were hanging out. Unfortunately the dream occurred early in the night so details are a bit fuzzy.

Basically we were hanging out in some cafe, having dessert. There was no guitar or other people in sight. He drew some random picture and signed it to me. I remember thinking he remembered my name, s w o o n. Then as the dream was just progressing enough to get exciting, Laura Dern, his wife showed up with my girls in tow, to drop them off. Not sure why Laura was babysitting my kids while I was hanging out with her husband. Real mood killer none the less.

So, since my last note to self was very beneficial, I am giving it another shot:

Dear Self, in the off chance you should doze off into such heavy sleep which produces dreams with the likes of Ben Harper, this time can you please keep my children out of it, oh and his WIFE. A gentle reminder, can you also try to muster up a glance in the mirror so I can see what my head looks like on Gisele Bundchen's body.
Thanks so much--Once again, your conscious self.

When relaying my dream to my hubby over breakfast this morning, he casually slipped in, "So Laura dropped the kids off and you started making out with her." He may have made a reference to Wild at Heart and started laughing.

Yeah, not really where I was hoping the dream would go. I have to admit, I feel pretty refreshed and ready to tackle the laundry pile of Rocky Mtn. proportions.


  1. My daughter coughed so hard and so much on Friday night that she puked. All over her bed. Fun.

  2. You already know this? Ben is performing at the rock and roll hall of fame induction tomorrow night, broadcasted live on-line on some Best Buy website. I heard a rumor and you can refer to for more info. Guess who!


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