The Last Few Days

[The lovely grey tone in this photo is compliments of the "milky" sky.]

As I lay in my bed enjoying a quiet moment, I could feel a cold draft flow over my body. Even with new double pane windows the air seems to sneak it's way inside. The draft has become all too familiar in the wintertime, it's my signal that once again the unpredictable Colorado weather has changed dramatically.

I wasn't anticipating a storm this evening. My curiosity prompted me to take a closer inspection. As I separated the wooden blinds my eyes could see the light reflecting off of the snow flakes. Pure, fluffy, sparkling white Colorado snow. Mother Nature is sneaking a little snowstorm in, as the last few days of winter are upon us.

In our family, snow equals play. Fun, bundled up, energetic, warm spirited play. Time to get suited up, the front yard is anticipating the arrival of some snow angels.


  1. you'll be glad to hear there's another storm due at the end of the week too!

  2. i am glad that someone is thinking positive about it, i am ready for spring.

  3. Gotta say, I need some spring around here...enjoy your snow angels:)

  4. Fun!
    I'm sure you're ready for some spring weather, but it looks so pretty from down here!


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