meet BABKA

AAh..Babka. Does the name sound familiar? Maybe if you are a Seinfeld fan. Or maybe if you have known me long enough, you know Babka always appears right around Easter time. I love Babka. Babka is the essence of Easter and family tradition for me. Let's just say it wouldn't quite be Easter with out a loaf of Babka on the table.

Babka is Polish Easter Bread. It's origins stem from Eastern Poland. Every year around Easter, my parents head down to the local Polish Bakery (non-existent in my neck of the woods) wait in long flowing lines that circle the block, and package up some Babka to ship out from New York to Colorado. I love them for doing it. I don't think it would be Easter with out a loaf of Babka.

So what exactly is Babka? It's light, eggy, sweet bread, laced with golden raisins. The crust typically has a milder and less sweet taste. There are many types of Babka, but we only eat the traditional variety. Sometimes my mother will refer to it as Poska as well, which is the Ukrainian version. Like any good woman with Polish heritage, I enjoy my Babka on Easter Day with Kielbasa. Although, it's not my mother's Kielbasa. It's Wellshire All Natural nitrate free, gluten free Kielbasa..Can you imagine?
I couldn't resist sharing a clip from Seinfeld, they are picking up a loaf of Jewish Babka for a dinner party.

Mentioning Babka so much in this post was a Larry David-esque joke. Some people believe they created this episode just because the writer's liked the word Babka.

Happy Easter from mine to yours!


  1. I don't think I've ever had this, which is unusual. Chicago has more Poles than Warsaw, so you'd think I would have had it at least once! Looks good, though! :)

  2. I've had chocolate babka from Dean & Deluca, but I don't think that counts; does it? I LOVE that episode of Seinfeld. Yay!! I can hear things now on my new computer!

  3. I've been searching the web for a recipe to make the Babka of my youth from the (long closed) Enterprise Bakery in Clifton, NJ. There seems to be many variations of Babka but your pic looks very close. Just can't find the recipe!

    1. Martha Stewart has a recipe (it was her mother's). Not sure if you've tried that one, but I am sure it's worth a shot. I still have mine shipped from NY!


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