So, my blogging pal, who just happens to live like oh so close to me over at Never a Dull Moment challenged me to write a six word memoir. Six word memoir..that's crazy! Anyway, I think I completely missed the mark and if it were to be graded by someone I see a C+( which is being generous) at the top of the page.

But, of course I took a shot. So here they are:

Dreamer barely keeping it all together.

Wears a smile for sanity's sake.

The happy Jane of all trades.

Ready to learn, ready to love.

and lastly-- this one is a joke from the last year Oprah-James Fry memoir-kind-of scandal:

Just yanked out my abscessed tooth.

Maybe this limit of 6 words would be a good place to take the blog. Short and Sweet. So to any of my blogging friends that want the challenge, I say go for it, you know you want to give it a shot!


  1. Good work! I like "wearing a smile for sanity's sake." LOL! BTDT!


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