Odd Girl Out

Here's some insight into my childhood. I grew up with three older brothers. Our family's sport of choice was baseball, hands down. My brothers were good. I wanted to be just like them. After one season, I realized my love of the sport was more for the sidelines. I was much better at catching foul balls, visiting the refreshment stand, and playing barbies in the back of our '78 station wagon.
I was the only girl playing in the entire league of boys. From the group photo, I fit in pretty darn well, wouldn't you agree?

Just in case you couldn't actually find the only girl in the photo, here I am:

Bad News Bears, anyone? haha...

More posts to follow with adoring photos from my childhood, thanks to KM who let me borrow her scanner this weekend!


  1. thats a true story, i will swear 2 it!

  2. oh my lord, that is GL in a couple of years!!!


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