Oh the Times Have Changed...

Daylight savings time, one simple hour that can torment or delight a mother. I'm rather fond of having more sunlight, so bring it on. I'll deal with the havoc that comes about all week just fine.

On a lighter note, the time change always brings back fond memories for me. I was raised Catholic, we rarely missed Sunday Mass. Rarely. Although I was one of those kids that would be thrilled at the day off, as Saturday mornings were already disrupted with "Religion Class". My mom would always comment on the people that would flock to church on the holidays, taking our regular weekly pew. Around this time, it would be to get the palms on Palm Sunday.

Every now and again, which I can recall so clearly, my mom would forget about the time change. Maybe she was having a momnesia spell. I can not tell you how big the smile was on my face when our car would drive down Route 155 and see loads of cars exiting the church, right when we anticipated entering the parking lot to attend Mass.

I never could verbalize my delight when this rare occasion occurred. So here's my chance.. Hoorah! Arms up in the air! Woo Hoo, Thank you daylight savings time!!


  1. I was so surprised that there were so few families late to church today! I love daylight savings time because I'm solar powered...hatehatehate it because the boys are going to be insane for the next week. Bleh.


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