Open Enrollment, Part 4,999

Doesn't it feel like this has been going on forever? We received the Round 2 letter, which went something like- Your child was not selected for this round...Stalk your mailman the first week of April when you'll get your waitlist status.

Guess I'm going to visit the neighborhood school this week. Or visit a realtor, my 3rd choice is a neighborhood school so they can't shut us out if we live there. I may just take up residence in a good friend's basement, they live about 4 houses away from the school.

I'm not even freaking out, why bother, I don't have any control over this. I am just a tad bit disheartened. Oh, well.


  1. There's a crapload of houses for sale out by me. Move here and you can join my carpool until they build the freakin' school (to be opened 2009) and then it's a much shorter drive. ;) I'm sorry you're going through this, it sucks!


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