POTTERY (apparently I bought the entire) BARN

Through out my organizing, cleaning, and weeding out phase last week, I made a purchase at Pottery Barn Kids. I don't know exactly how many forests PB has killed in order to send out their 150 page catalog weekly, but the barrage tactics finally worked on me. I do like their stuff, I wish it was a bit more affordable considering the majority of their goods are made over seas, yes the dreadful other side of the Pacific. What they offer really did fit my needs and I couldn't find anything I liked better.

I thought these totes would be perfect to store stuffed animals and random toys, that have a hard time fitting into baskets and staying on shelves. Just throw them in the tote approach was what I was going for. This is the original photo from the catalog, I decided to go with the large tote, for good measure. I looked at the details and thought I was right in the ballpark of what I needed.
Well, yesterday the totes arrived. Now mind you, I had them personalized so they are not returnable. Let's just say they were a bit larger than I anticipated. They were menacingly large. Sj thought they were a bit creepy. Honestly, I could store my daughter's entire toy closet into these totes. I guess were keeping them. Every time I look at them, I am reminded how I am a tactile and visual shopper, how I like to feel and examine, sometimes even over examine an item before I purchase it. Time to stick with those instincts, catalogs beware.

I think I am going to fill one with diapers, like the entire box from Costco, and snacks for my next playgroup as a joke. I think I may get a few chuckles with these darn things. They are like LLBean totes on steroids. Do they make cotton tote growth hormones? Maybe in Thailand.

I tried to have my photos capture the enormity of these totes. Do they look like the photo in the catalog? Maybe I just need a Pottery Barn stylist to help me get my tote properly stuffed.


  1. dear Lord that is a big tote.

  2. LOL!! That is hilarious. - KM

  3. I suspect what you don't see is the small child playing hide and seek in the bottom of that tote, using the towels on top as camouflage. That sucker is huge!
    I loves me some PB. I've been drooling over a lateral filing cabinet for years. Something attractive to put all my music into. Maybe soon...

  4. you could always put the kids in it and carry them around in it. Or use it on your next big shop!

  5. hee hee! As others have said, great hiding place! Actually, maybe you could hide yourself in there and pretend mommy isn't home ;)

  6. That is sooo funny. I read the first half thinking it was going to be a perfect fit and then scrolled down to see your kids in the bag. Very cute. I think women were born tactile shoppers. I also have a tendancy to smell things when I shop...but hey, that's probably just me. Maybe you should email that picture to Pottery Barn and tell them that the bag is too big and that you only needed to fit one child in it...see what they say.

  7. that is a freakishly large tote! i love the idea of stuffing it as a diaper bag! ha
    also loved your Babka post and the Seinfeld video. :)

  8. I think I do need to have a word with some PB customer service.. I like the idea of sending them a photo with both my kids in it.

    Maybe it will make more of an impact if I actually climb in the darn thing! I would fit...


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