Super Dad!?!

On Saturday, my husband took both girls out for a few hours. Of course, I stayed home to eat Bon-Bons on the couch and get a massage (in my dreams). More like, I cleaned the place with out distraction, just how I like it.

My hubby first took the girls to the annual Easter Egg free-for-all at a local toy shop. They load the eggs with money to spend at the shop. We both agreed it's quite the lucrative deal for them, spend some cash on plastic eggs, fill it with pennies to the dollar, and watch droves of children pour into the store to spend their parents cash.

After the big Egg Extravaganza, my hubby headed off to Whole Foods with a decent list in hand. Of course the place was a zoo, rarely will you find the Whole Foods in Boulder empty, not to mention the Saturday before a holiday. During my husband's shopping trip, he was surprised by some comments that were made to him by strangers. About three or four times, other people shopping commented to him about "having his hands full". He won many accolades in the eyes of mainly older women that were also getting some Holiday shopping done. What a brave father, spending time with his children with no mom in sight.

So, when my husband takes our children grocery shopping, he's Super Dad! When I go, I am a mom just getting through the day. I blend right into the noise and commotion. I hardly get a second glance or even a friendly smile.

I'm not overanalyzing his experience, but it obviously left an impression on him and in turn on me. I do find it a bit disheartening that in 2008, society still defines family roles with such traditional notions. One day at a time, I suppose.

Thank you hubby, for being a dad that goes grocery shopping, handles bath duty every week, cooks, does dishes, changes diapers, and even puts our children to bed a few times a month so I can have some much needed down time. Your efforts don't go unnoticed !


  1. That reaction from people really frosts my cupcakes. He was in on the creating of these cherubs, why does he get brownie points and I get dirty looks when we shop alone with the boys and they get rowdy? Drives me insane.

  2. I still know some women who will say their husbands are "babysitting" when/if they "get to" go out with girlfriends. That is sheer wackiness.

    Your last paragraph is perfect - of course we are grateful for the things our men can & will do to give us breathing room, but we're not incredulous...

  3. Jen
    It frosts your cupcakes? Did you just make that up? ha ha

  4. I went grocery shopping on the Saturday before Easter, left the kids at home, and there seemed to be quite a few men at the store. Two of them were "winkers" and one stared a little too long. I made a note to myself to bring children next time.

  5. not sure my hubby is up for the shopping trip on his own, but he does come along and help, which is better than nothing.

  6. My hubby does the same for me as well. He will even go to Costco on a busy Sat. morning with BOTH kids. I am very thankful for his help every day.


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