Thank You Easter Bunny, Bawk-Bawk!!

As we were heading over to the mall to get our annual photo with the Easter Bunny, our conversation went a little like this:

Sj: Oh boy, I can't decide what to tell the Easter Bunny to bring me for Easter this year.

Me: Umm, the Easter Bunny doesn't take requests, that's Santa silly girl. Plus, he only brings candy. Yummy candy.

Sj: But, remember one year, he brought me a dvd, sticker book, and even a princess dress up.

Me: You are absolutely right, but the Easter Bunny brought you those things because you were too little for candy.

Sj: Oh- for reals?

Funny enough when we arrived at the Easter Bunny, the photo woman told Sj that the Easter Bunny has never said a word to her and that the E.B. doesn't talk, but maybe he'll say something to her. Well, we didn't hear a word. And there were no personal requests, thank goodness. GL was very into the E.B. until it came time to actually be held by the bunny, yes those are my arms in the photo, she wasn't having it. Of course Sj jumped into the bunny's lap with out a blink.

I don't know what most people do for Easter, candy only or a mix of small toys and candy? I just hate the idea of tons of sugar in the house, namely because I can't resist a yummy treat.

Speaking of special treats, I have a weakness for Dark Chocolate m&m's-fyi they are in a purple bag. We still make reference to this commercial in my family, I couldn't even tell you how many years it's been.
A sweet favorite, enjoy.


  1. Love the picture with the Easter Bunny.

    My daughter expects loot in her Easter basket, too. I usually put a stuffed animal in there or something.

  2. It's gonna be a little bit of chocolate, a few jelly beans, and a little toy. They're gonna whine, but they don't need any more than that and I don't need them on a sugar high! LOL!

  3. We just do a little bit of candy, money in plastic easter eggs and small toys/stickers. I LOVE the picture.

  4. Oh crap! This reminds me that I need to get some children to the mall to see a bunny.


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