Thursday Thirteen

When I finally received a letter from the University of Colorado yesterday in the mail, I first looked at the envelope carefully. My heart raced a bit. I thought to myself, this is it, here it is. My acceptance or my denial into Graduate School.

The letter was a "sort of" acceptance letter, it was from the School of Education informing me that the have recommended my acceptance to the University's Graduate School. Bottom line, The School of Ed gave me the thumbs up, now the University has to decide if it wants my money.

Here are 13 thoughts that went through my mind, after reading my Almost-Accepted letter:

1. Would the Graduate School actually deny me? I mean after all, I AM ALUMNI. I am still paying for my undergraduate degree.

2. Should I get a gun permit? The climate of University campuses has changed oh ever so slightly since my departure in 99. In the back of my mind, I fear my safety. I wonder if it's worth it.

3. I re-read the paragraph in the letter that mentions the Literacy Master's Program is practicum based, meaning it's mandatory I to have access to a classroom for research & also putting into practice best methods. I am currently not teaching, so I wonder if this will pose a problem.

4. I mull over in my head the email I would like to write to the Lead Teacher (aka Principal) of my open enrollment first choice for Sj, wondering if she would give me access to use their school for my practicum. Still mulling this one over. I feel comfortable enough contacting her, as I have worked with her in the past. I adore her.

5. Would I be totally pissed off if I spent a couple days a week at the school working, that I really, really, really wanted Sj to go to and she possibly won't get into? Probably.

6. No, definitely. Especially if she is stuck at our under achieving neighborhood school.

7. Then, I wonder when will my classes meet?

8. Oh, wait, I am only taking one to start off. I wonder when my class will meet. I wonder what it will entail.

9.I chuckle when I realize my advisor is a professor I had 10 years ago. She's a very unique individual, a wonderful ARMCHAIR educator, as I like to call them. Hasn't been in the classroom in years.

10. Now, I wonder what am I getting myself into?

11. Do I have the courage to go back to college?

12. I better find a babysitter, a nice college girl, possibly a School of Education student.

13. Then, the reality check. Money. So ok, I decide to go back to college. Attend part time at first. Then comes the money. More loans? Will part time be affordable? I know my decision will pay for itself within a couple of years of returning to work, but fronting the cash is hard.


  1. My friends just did something similar, it took her a long time but she got there. She did her classroom part while working as a temp (not sure you get that here, but it's someone who covers when others are sick etc). You should go for it otherwise you will spend all your time wonder what if.

  2. Try not to wonder about the "what if's," that can really overwhelm you. What about making a list of the pros and cons of a grad school situation? No matter what you decide, something good will come from it. :)

  3. Good for you! I can't go back to school...ever. I would seriously kill someone. Grad school nearly did me in 10 years ago, there is no way IN HELL I can go back. My psyche just couldn't handle it.
    And, oh, we were both at CU at the same time. I got my masters in 99. ;)

  4. Going back to school is a tough one...I did it. Man it is expensive, but worth it. Good luck to you!

  5. Yikes! You'll be happy in the end, i am rootin' for you.

  6. Good for you! Good luck on all fronts!


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