Was This a Mistake?

**Sj reading Derg a book, after she covered him with two towels, I especially love the attention to detail on his paws.***

We are taking care of our friend's doggie for a long weekend. He's an old pal of ours and was a dear friend of our beloved Guinny. They spent many hours romping, hiking, snuggling,snarling, and playing together. The last few days has been an enlightening experience in the pet department. I thought I was over having a pet, but maybe not... Maybe this dog watching thing was a mistake.

It should come as no surprise that Sj has been asking for a pet for ages, no less than a few times a day. We bought the Betta Fish a couple of years ago to quell the desire for her to be a pet owner, but a fish only gets you so far in the debate. And, now Uniqua is living in the local pond, cough cough, so we only have spiders now, which Sj has thoughtfully named Melon. She thinks Melon follows her around the house when in reality our house seems to be home to a large number of similar looking spiders. Eeew.

After we loss Guinny to bone cancer, we became very accustomed to life with out pets. No begging friends to look after our four legged friend while out of town, no worrying about being out all day, no dog hair rolling across the floor like tumbleweed, no fighting over who's turn it is to pick up the dog crap, and no vet bills.

But on the other hand, this last weekend has showed me how much those little four legged creatures really do provide love and entertainment. My floors haven't been so promptly cleaned in months. Sj has been walking "derg" around the house on a leash, brushing him, reading him stories, feeding him, and letting him out. It only took one night for him to make his way to her bedside at night. He knows who's giving him the love. Too sweet.

I'm thinking maybe around Sj's 5th birthday it may just be time to let another doggie into our lives an bring us the love that we haven't felt from a four legged friend in so long. In the mean time, I am just going to have to convince her that she really DOESN'T want a kitty cat...


  1. We've never had a pet, but J is pushing for a dog. It's a matter of time, perhaps even this summer when he turns 4. He's going to name the dog Fipsy. No idea where he got that name, but he's pretty insistent. LOL!

  2. Recently, Ms. E keeps asking for another dog too and I must admit I want one too! But, we're waiting until after she starts Kinder to see how she's adjusting before we bring a puppy into the household. Despite all the work, I really love having a dog around the house.


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