Where's The Eat?

There has been plenty of play and love going around this blog, but it seems as if I've been neglecting the Eating. On some random evening this past week, I requested we have burgers for dinner this weekend.

The hubby makes yummy burgers. We eat a ton of chicken and turkey around here, so occasionally my body wants beef. We succumb to those cravings maybe a couple times a month, and mind you I am probably on the cusp of PMSing, for I am sure my friend will arrive sooner than later. Call it intuition. Request burgers, arrive monthly friend with in a few days.

Here's the funny part about the burgers we had yesterday. They were so delicious, I was completely lured in and seduced by the aromas flowing from the kitchen that I forgot to capture a photo of the burger love. J said that would have been a good picture for your blog. I started laughing and told him, I know, too bad I was entranced by the burger to capture a before shot.

So here's what went into the Burger of Love:
  • Rudi's organic hamburger buns
  • Bacon
  • Sauteed baby spinach in some of that lovely bacon drippings
  • Blue Cheese
  • Carmelized onions with Dinosaur BBQ sauce
  • Grass Fed Beef with just the right amount of seasonings

I am going to work on containing myself just for a moment to get the shot the next time I am seduced by a burger. I promise.


  1. Your burger of love kicks the heck out of my burger of love! ; ) I'll be making yours next time! LOL!

  2. That is SO funny, I am EXACTLY the same way around that time of the month. Your hamburgers sound delicious! I like putting grated onion and garlic in my hamburgers. I also like adding ground pork to the beef, because it gives the burger an amazing flavor.


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