Banana..Fo Fanna..Me Mi, No Banana?

Alrighty folks. I am exclaiming from the top of my lungs. The banana crisis is here. How can this be? Oh bananas, how I do love thee. I wish I savored the last banana I had, but I didn't realize there would be shortage problems.

In our last two vegetable deliveries, we did not receive any bananas. I thought that was strange.

Costco hasn't had bananas in a couple of weeks.

Even stranger.

Whole Foods, didn't have bananas, organic or not.

Just plain bizarre.

Rumor has it, Sam's has bananas. Hmmm.

Last night we popped into Costco to pick up some photos, I uploaded. If you haven't taken advantage of that service, you must. It's such a huge time saver. We bought some bread, eggs, and organic chicken.

We perused the aisles, talking about the banana shortage and wondering why no one else is talking about it!

Then we got to the register and the cashier said, "What no Bananas?"...

I exclaimed, "oh my.. are you reading my mind?"

Then the cashier and their shadow, I mean the person who loads the cart, went into some big thing about floods in Central America. And whispered to us, leaning in, we heard Sam's has bananas..I told them not to worry, I don't give the Walton family my hard earned cash.

But why no news coverage? Is Chiquita afraid there is a going to be a frenzied run on the bananas that are out on the grocery store displays? I mean, if you can find bananas.

But in all seriousness, I haven't heard a word about it. Are there bananas in your neck of the woods? First the bees, now the bananas. What's next...

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  1. argh.. we love bananas. i better check it out

  2. King Soopers has organic bananas - Katy Mac

  3. I haven't heard anything about this, either. So far, we've still got bananas.

  4. First let me say - it is a grand relief to know others stand strong against The Store That Shall Not Be Named. Everyone around me acts like I'm a crazy martyr for not shopping there, ever.

    And secondly - our Wild Oats is being converted to Whole Foods so different things keep moving and changing. Tonight there were no bananas in sight, but once we got around all of the other produce there were two bins full. So I'm not sure why you're having a hard time...I'll pray for banana abundance for you :)

  5. Bananas here in Santa Barbara. Strange.

  6. We have bananas in Utah but they have gone up in price in the last week from .39 cents a lb to .65 cents a lb.

    I go through 16 bananas a week with two toddlers...they will go apey without their bananas!!

  7. Alright... it seems as if I have equated my organic produce delivery and costco with the world. Hey well, it's my world.

    Folks every where, don't fret..for it seems as if the bananas are just fine. I still don't have a darn one in my house, maybe in the back of the freezer, frozen. I shall inquire....

    Wipe My Brow..

  8. Hi, I just returned from Vitamin Cottage and there were a plethora! KS

  9. i have a strange banana story too. i bought some at whole foods and then stayed green for three weeks (i took a picture at week three for a potential blog) and then went yellow for one day and then straight to brown. so while they were yellow i went to costco and there was a sign saying no bananas due to weather in south america. but then i found them at KS and at Safeway. it was very strange.

  10. Huh. Hadn't heard. We have 2 bunches here about to be converted into the much more pleasant banana bread. I don't like bananas...please don't hate me. ;)

  11. My Vons has bananas. Maybe I should go buy some!

  12. Hmm.....Hadn't noticed this. One day, two weeks ago, Whole Foods only had regular bananas, no organic, but other than they they've always had both. And my Kroger (when I dare step foot in there) has always had them.

    I think this is some sort of gov't conspiracy.

  13. You say you won't shop at Wal-Mart but Costco was known to stock Bonita bananas not that long ago (they may still)... but Bonita bananas have been known to treat their workers very badly (, just because it isn't Wal-Mart, doesn't mean they are doing things right and if they are Wal-Mart, they probably aren't.


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