Here's the Truth:
I am very content with my two girls. Even if you could guarantee me a boy, not sure if I would take the plunge again. Especially today, when I am in the middle of 5 teeth erupting in GL's mouth at the same miserable time. No sleep, constant chewing, gagging, and nursing galore. Fun, fun!

As a little bit of a cheeky wife, I really wanted to see what my hubby's reaction would be. He fell for it big time. He called me over lunch today, where I immediately brought up the post. He read it while on the phone with me, so I had the fabulous first hand, don't have time to think reaction.

Which went a bit like, "Are you crazy, we've talked about this, I thought we were on the same page, not happening".

So, after I knew I had him, I played it up for a bit. Even Sj was on the phone saying, we're having a baby brother, we're having a baby brother!! It took awhile before I said, ok honey before I hang up why don't you look at the calendar. I think it's fair enough to say he was relieved.


  1. I did that to my husband last year on 4/1 and he started yelling to all his friends in the background "hey you guys, my wife's having a baby". Oh how I felt horrible after that. haha (sort of) ha ha

  2. oh dear, oh dear. wish i had read it earlier as you wold have fooled me probably! although back home if you play a joke after midday the jokes on you BE WARNED!

  3. Ha! I suspect he was rather relieved!

  4. HAhahaha, oh my goodness, I thought you were serious too!!! I bet J was SO relieved. :)


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