Booster Seats vs. 5 Point Harness

Last year, I was sent an email forward of this YouTube video. It broke my heart for the family that lost their son.

My oldest daughter is the size of a six year old and she is 4. I've kept her in her Britax Marathon (up to 65lbs and 49" tall) even though she is tall and weighed enough for a booster. I've met some moms that are in a rush to get their kids into booster seats, either because a younger child needs their current 5 point harness carseat or they feel their children are ready. I'm even disappointed to mention a mom that I know (who's husband is a state trooper) had her 3 year old in a booster with out a back. I cringed every time I saw their car pull up. Not to mention it is against the LAW in Colorado to have a 3 year old in a booster.

This weekend, I purchased a booster to have for my daughter for short trips around town in our second vehicle. I still don't feel comfortable with her in it. 95% of the time she still rides in her Britax. I feel like it's a risk we take driving our vehicles everyday and I need to be proactive about keeping my children as safe as they can be under all circumstances.

Even though I try my hardest, I can never escape the memories or the reality of car accidents. This is what happened to Sj & I on a casual weekday morning on our way to Whole Foods a few years ago. A woman, didn't see us coming and turned left in front of me. I tried to avoid her, but obviously at 35mph, I couldn't. All of us were unharmed, thank goodness. The impact is still at the front of my mind, every single day when I get into my car.

Please put your child's safety in mind and question if your carseat or booster seat practices are the safest you can offer your precious little one. Don't second guess your maternal intuition.

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  1. My daughter still hasn't hit 35 pounds, yet. At this rate, she'll be in her 5-point harness until she's 12!

  2. Hi, I found you via Life as you know it...

    I'm with you on this - my two girls always had the right car seat, and my nine year old still uses a booster seat!
    She thinks she has a mean mother who is making her a laughing stock - bad luck baby - I'd rather you were safe.

  3. Amen. I cringe at the parents during drop off and pick up who's kids are clearly free to roam about the cabin inside their cars. No restraints whatsoever. Boils my blood.

  4. As tiny as my two little ones are, they will be in their carseats for a long time and it doesn't bother me one bit! Their safety is my #1 concern.

  5. Okay! Hi! Paranoid carseat freak here! I'm totally on the same page when it comes to carseats.

    I HATE it when children are improperly harnessed. It drives me crazy. I just don't understand why you'd take the chance.

    I drive my MIL crazy with how tightly I strap my kids in.

  6. I am totally with you on this one too. Boosters are really just a flimsy bit of plastic and some padding. As long as he fits in the 5 point he'll be using it.

  7. Although I agree that kids need to be in a five point harness as long as possible, i feel as though it would be a law if they ABSOLUTELY needed to be in a 5-point until they can no longer physically fit into it. Part of kids learning about car safety for when they are adults is to be given the responsibility to use and adult seat belt with a booster, high back of course! One of my friends refuses to even let another mother drive her daughter to a playdate after school because she would be in a high back booster instead of her Britax Regent, which to me is doing more harm than the proper use of a high back booster.
    There is always going to be something out there safer for your kids and I think its horrible to keep kids strapped down. They will not learn, and rebel as teenagers and not wear a seatbelt at alL!!!!


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