Glimpse Behind The Blog Scenes

It's Friday, so I am going to have some fun around here. I've never posted the bizarre searches on Google that bring people to my blog. Honestly, sometimes I don't make the connection, but I have to admit, on occasion I have set myself up for the randomness.

Like these google searches:

pictures of the clitoris turning into a penis with testosterone
They must have been disappointed to find some shoes I found on sale and random meanderings of a stay at home mom. But I did have to bring up that Oprah show, guilty as charged. I wonder if they could send me the link, if they find the real McCoy.

betta sick won't eat, vertical floating Betta Fish
This has to be one of more popular search hits. Our poor Uniqua's story, pulling at the heartstrings of Betta owners all over the country. I wish I had better answers. That last ditch attempt to save your $5.00 pet store purchase. Please, pass me a tissue.

why are there no bananas at costco?
Now this is obviously my favorite. Someone out there in the blogosphere feeling my pain and curiosity. I hope they found solace in my post last week. Banana Lovers Unite!!!

mom pants
Uh, Oh. My head is hanging in disappointment, someone looking for mom pants found ME. Crap.

Swallowed Plum Pit

Now, this one always has a special place in my heart. It was one of my earliest postings. I actually found the information I needed from another mom blog, so I am glad I can keep the love flowing. And, don't fret if your dog, child, or significant other swallows a plum pit, it will pass, and they will be fine.

Big Cupcake Cake, Under Sea Cake
Aaah..two of my first cake sculpture undertakings. Still bringing curiosity and hope to your average home baker. If only those folks would send me a photo of their creations!

booster 5 point harness for older kids, booster vs 5 pt harness
Maybe I can make a difference in someone's life. I feel so proud of that post. I hope everyone gives it a read and thinks about your child's safety in a new way. In a better way.

These last two, I just don't know what to say, other than, why me?
semen men eat blogspot
play into the uterus pics

Finally, this is what the map looks like.. Hits from the globe!


  1. That is all quite funny and intetesting. Why I am not surprised that you are exposing the "science" of blogland. KS I still do not know how to leave my tag name or link name or whatever it is called, so unfortunately I must remain anonomous. LOVE

  2. so I've kept my blog to family pics so that people can keep up with the kids without clogging inboxes...but you're making me want to do more. must. resist. urge. to. waste. more. time. on. blogs.

  3. my map doesn't look nearly that cool...yet. i am going to shamelessly promote myself at every turn, including here in your comment box. stinkin' wasting time blogs.

  4. oh dear oh dear, now you've got me thinking....

  5. Those were hysterical!


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