That Kinda Week

Baking homemade bread,
my maternal lineage.
Life's simple pleasures.

Give something away,
comments are indeed so good,
but will they be back?

The big box is off,
calmness is overcoming,
how about one show?

Dad is home today.
Candyland in the morning,
fun, laughter, all day!

This is my first participation in Haiku Friday. I decided to go with a week in review theme for my Haikus, really try to grasp what's been going on around here in a new refreshing way. I liked it, maybe once a month, it will return. You Haiku? Find out more here.

this just in:

One girl is at school
and one peacefully napping.
Midday rendezvous!


  1. Right on. It certainly is a bread baking day.

  2. I'm sure Sj is thrilled that her Daddy spent a work day with her :-)

  3. kid napping and one at school, a beautiful haiku indeed

  4. Very nice indeed for your first Haiku Friday.

    We don't have TV (but do watch DVDs of some shows), and really like it that way. There's more time to really spend WITH one another (except when we're each on our own computer!).


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