Hints of Maternal Instinct

Observing my second daughter emulate her big sister has been so eye opening. No pressure now to keep Little Miss Sj on track, being a fabulous role model. But in all "light hearted" seriousness, my toddler has been showing the signs of maternal instinct for at least a month now. It's crazy. She loves her baby dolls, she walks them, checks the blanket to make sure they are covered, pats their bottoms, makes fake crying sounds, feeds them bottles, and snuggles them.

It's her big sister that walked into the kitchen the other day, with the stroller in one hand and shirt up, nursing her doll with the other. I thought, that looks oddly familiar, although I don't think I've ever mastered the nurse and stroll, just the nurse and cook or walk around if need be.

I guess the straw basket is her purse, complete with a duckie! No need for money.

Oh no, is my baby ok? I must pat her and fix her blanket, over and over again!

Time for bed baby, snuggle up in Daddy's shirt.


  1. Absolutely darling! Mr. E shows interest in babies too. He always says hi to them and tells me if a baby is crying or not. He has soft duck named Dottie and he tucks her in with him at night. It is so sweet how they want to emulate those around them. Of course, it's both good and bad :)

  2. Oh that is so cute how serious she is about it.


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