I Didn't Get The Aging Memo

I'm not quite sure how this post is going to transpire, but I've been mulling over aging lately in my mind and with some friends, whom luckily have had similar sentiments and thoughts. Being thirty something I think is a time when you start to recognize defining moments in relation to age. In that same regard, I feel like some time has slipped away and I never really got the memo that I am categorized as older, even to folks in their late 20's.

I have a terrible habit of trying to figure out someone's age when I first meet them. Sometimes I could swear I had to be younger than a person I just met, but then I find out I've got 5 years on them. Isn't it strange how we perceive our age in relation to others? I definitely feel like I'm more of an early 30 something than a late 30 something creeping into the big 4-0. For the record, I am not a late 30 something, but it all just slowly rolls itself into one big ball.

Having two small children can keep you active and on your toes. But when you combine loss of sleep, with various other body taxing scenarios such as, breast feeding and pregnancy sometimes you can just feel down right old. Or older. And definitely no spring chicken. Wrinkles seem to appear at a pace more familiar to hormonal changes and blemishes, when I was younger. Kinda strange.

Words such as collagen boosting, wrinkle minimizing, and youthful glow are boldly adorning bottles of cream in my medicine cabinet. I've even given a thought to the big B, yes Botox. A thought, I said. I hate the maze of wrinkles in my forehead, complete with permanent frown lines in between my eyebrows. Yes, I am a brow furrower and I am paying the price for it. And, the easy fix, bangs just aren't my thing. I am not a bang girl.

So for me it's about finding the balance with aging. I want to stay in touch with trends, but not be trendy (no mini skirts for me!). Maintain a healthy diet because we all know the pounds slowly creep up even when your diet hasn't dramatically changed for the worse. I believe firmly in surrounding yourself with friends that keep you feeling young, that value the same lifestyle as you do.

I wouldn't turn back the hands of time, if given the opportunity. I love how with aging, life has given me grace and maturity, an ability to step back from situations I would have held onto with dear life. I have a new perspective and confidence in who I am, who I want to become, and what attributes I have happily outgrown. I know someday, I'll look back on my woes of aging in my thirties and just laugh. I am sure I will give anything for the youthful glow that adorns me today.


  1. Hi from Saranac Lake. (A friend of yours directed me to stop in).
    Anyway, Don't sweat the aging thing. You've earned all of what you've got, and a woman who doesn't give a crap is way more youthful looking than one who frets over it -don't you think?

  2. Yup, I hear ya. It's finding that balance. I swear, my whole life is about finding balance. It's throwing me off balance. ;)
    I have deep ruts between my eyebrows from the furrowing, but Botox isn't for me.
    Oh, and I'm 34...just in case you were wondering. LOL!

  3. I'm with you! I'm constantly taken aback by how old I am. When did this happen?

  4. I think the aging memo arrived in a rather large manilla envelope the day that I noticed the newly grown gathering of gray hair on my postpartum head following the birth of Ezra. I am all for any or no aging intervention as long as it does not involve those scary facelifts where it leaves the poor victim mutated and scary for the rest of their lives. KS

  5. We are taken back about how much can change too. It was just a year ago that my husband adn I were doing crazy last min road trips, snowboarding through out utah, staying up late with friends with water fights. Now we are old farts that get tired by the end of the day and want to just sit and watch "The Office". Man we need to get young again :)

  6. Oh wow, we are sooo going through the same thing. I've tried blogging about it but it seems so trivial, especially since I was one of those people a few years ago who was like "whatever" "mid-life crisis? no way! not me!" and now here I am...sort of freakin out.

  7. ok so i am one of those late 20s people with GRAY hair two kids and no sleep and i don't find you old in anyway. old is my 92 year old grandma, just don't tell her that.

  8. The funny thing is the older you get the less you seem to worry about it. I guess you just get crankier...at least that has happened to me. I did just buy some nice wrinkle cream hoping that it might work it's magic.


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