I'm Loathing Las Vegas

My husband went to none other than Las Vegas for 72 hours of debauchery & gambling an intensive work conference. If you could only hear the repetitive nature of our conversations regarding this trip, how the conference was just going to consume close to every waking moment of his time.

J has attended the NAB Show in Vegas for about 6-7 years now. Every year I get the long, serious, look me straight in the eye speech about how it's work and he has to go. The technology is amazing and it's all the cutting edge cameras. With out this knowledge he would have an incredible deficit when it comes to purchasing new cameras or related equipment. Although, I couldn't quite tell you the last time the company bought a cutting edge camera, but that's just my side of the story.

What my husband fails to mention is the hard work and long hours that he puts in at the card tables or how he forces his liver to work overtime. It is very time consuming to research which 5 star restaurants he wants to patronize. Or how difficult it is to function at this conference when he is hung over and had no sleep. And, my last I'm over the annual Vegas conference point is, the money he throws away gambling. But oh wait, he always wins, except for last year, when he was too intoxicated to actually recall how much money he lost.

Yes, I am a bit disgruntled about this Vegas trip. I mean how old are we (see post below)!

One thing I didn't expect to come out of this "business" trip was the toll it takes on our girls. We ran into a fellow classmate of Sj's and both of her parents at the mall yesterday. We chatted hello, went our separate ways.

On the way home, this conversation transpired:

Sj: Is it the weekend?

Me: No silly girl, it's Tuesday, why do you ask?

Sj: Well, Maggie's dad was at the mall, isn't it a work day?

Me: Sometimes daddies have weekdays off and work different hours. Or maybe he took the day off.

Sj: Wow, that's so nice of Maggie's dad to want to spend a WORK day with her.

Then I just want to cry inside, knowing we are the last thing on my husband's mind. It's just business, right?! I'll get over it.


  1. OH hon, I just want to cry for you. :( I'm in much the same boat sometimes. My hubby doesn't go to Vegas, but he's heading to NYC next week for several days. Last minute trip. Yeah, it's work, but he's getting to see Young Frankenstein on Broadway, eat at great restaurants, etcetcetc. It's a matter of time before A says something similar to Sj. Sometimes I feel the same: could we please come first for awhile? Sigh...I'd fall over dead if Tom ever took a day off just to hang out with us. So if I go missing, you'll know what happened. ;)

  2. That's the problem with being a mom...you don't get "work" trips. You just get family vacations that turn into more WORK for you. It's a double edged sword.

    I've got something for you over at my place!

  3. You must love the nuances of "business". Perhaps you should find your own version of "Las Vegas", if these sorts of escapades are not going to magically vanish any time soon. KS

  4. Ugh...isn't Tootsie's husband in Vegas right now too?

    So sorry about that. It is a hard thing.

  5. so the husband informed me yesterday that a fellow klander and him were going to a baseball game on a thursday afternoon...because that is somehow working. but when was the last time he was at home on a thursday afternoon. couldn't tell ya' or when he went to speech or a friggin' doctors appt. don't remember that either, but his schedule will magically clear up for a baseball game. i am right there with you.

  6. go josh, he deserves a break,not like he is elliot spitzer

  7. Frequently, my husband's "work" involves golf. Not exactly Vegas, but I hear ya!!

  8. Yep! NAB is the one that Mr. F attended and almost every year for the last 15 or so. I used to go with him and we made it our own special time. I haven't gone the last 2 years though.

    He would attend the convention during the day. I hit the spa. Then there was debauchery in the evening.

  9. I think you should have your own yearly Vegas trip.


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