Like, Totally Excellent

Two of my daily blog reads graced ME (blush) on the same day with my very first Blog Award.

My friend over at Never A Dull Moment was one of my first consistent blog reads, turns out we live about 15 minutes away from each other. You know this darn blog universe is not so big and scary, it's kind and refreshing. Give her a read, if you haven't been by.

The other recognition came from my friend off in lovely Northern California, A Mom Two Boys. I just adore her fun writing style, she always seems to make me laugh, which on most days is a dose of exactly what I need. She understands my neurotic side and gives me props for worrying about bananas. Thank you.

And here is the very first award:

Now in proper Blog Love fashion, I must pass the award along. I am choosing two blogs because I received two.

First, I am passing the Excellent Blog along to , Mama Zen. She's a writer that makes me feel at home, I enjoy her words. And to top it off, she's always reviewing books, which keeps me on top of my library queue.

Secondly, the Excellent Blog bling is going to my friend, another Colorado local, The Soapdish. This week she has put in her dues, offering up some fun reminiscing with her Totally 80's week. Movies,Television, Toys, History, it's all there. Stop by her blog and feel the warm and fuzzies the 80's always seems to bring back to me (sans the shoulder pads and AquaNet).

Don't forget to pass it on and I thank all of you for being such wonderful women!


  1. Awww, shucks! You made me blush!

  2. that is very exciting! you have really mastered this art form. KS

  3. You're, like, sooo totally awesome, duuuuude! ; ) Yay!

  4. oooooh I am feeling the love. gracias. you made my day.


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