Mountains are Singing my Name...

I can hear it..I should be packing. It's my name..being vocalized by Ben Harper. I'm off to a last weekend of skiing for Sj & J. And for a Ben Harper concert with my family. There really isn't anything like a musician you are very fond of calling you by your first name, well not for me anyway.

Oh, why do I love Colorado...random Ben Harper shows, not a tour, just a pop into town to play a gig. Life is beautiful friends, pictures and posts to resume when I come down from Cloud 9.

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  1. Who's Ben Harper? ; )
    Have a good time skiing; it's the Weekend Of Birthday Parties here, including A's tonight. Ay yi yi...

  2. I do wish you a remarkable and serendipitous experience. I am unable to use the open ID thing because it says I need to sign in to wordpress after I press publish. What would I do without you. still KS

  3. Have fun! Sunny skies (75 degrees!) await you on Monday :D

  4. Ohh! How fun...Where's he playing? Winterpark?

  5. i just watched him for the first time, a song called burn one down, i bet the smoke cloud from that audience is not helping the ozone,,,,, i didnt know bob marley had a son named ben! i went in w/ an open mind, the music was ok, atleast original!


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