Open Enrollment Final Saga

Not much more to write after today. The long awaited "WAITLIST POSITION" letter arrived. Which basically said, no damn chance in hell. Taking into consideration, our position on the list is higher than the size of an entire kindergarten class.

1st Choice- 21
2nd Choice-23
3rd Choice-28

Oh well. Now it's the serious contemplation of selling our house. Or leaving it all be for kindergarten and trying again in 1st grade.

Decisions, decisions.

End of story, folks!


  1. Four doors down, house for sale, mountain views over to the right. School over the back fence, or get on the list for A's school and we can carpool.
    And then I can borrow your new shoes. LOL! ;)

  2. OH, and CRAP about the letter! :( I'm sorry the waitlist is so long!

  3. why dont you just home school, my brilliant little sis!

  4. I'm sorry you didn't get the school you wanted. Regardless of where Sj goes, you and J are and will always be her real teachers. :)

  5. Sorry, wish it had been better news.

  6. That stinks! Another mom and I are talking about buying a duplex together in the neighborhood - you know the one I mean - because we are both dreading OE and we've still got a few years, yet!


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