Quirks of Bathroom Business

Truly and wholeheartedly, I count my blessings when I recall the ease at which Sj potty trained. We went from diapers to panties before I knew it, all it took was some perfect timing, catching her behind a tree, making a poop. I ran her to the potty, she successfully completed her business and from that moment on decided diapers were a thing of the past. I never bought Pull-Ups, we just went straight to those quilted cotton panties. Yes, it's mandatory to use the word panties, for to Sj it's very grown up. Even if those aforementioned panties have characters such as Dora or Bob The Builder on them.

Now, we have been working on the two huge obstacles that have been in the way for Sj and total potty independence. And of course as a mother of a daughter that is entering Kindergarten in a few months, these quirks need to be worked out before I can feel settled kissing her on the cheek and sending her on her merry way to school.

The first quirk Sj has in the potty department is the call out. 99.9% of the time, we get the, "Will you wipe me, I pooped" call out that echos through the entire house, reaching an adult wherever we may be. I always talk her through the wiping process, but she still likes the assistance. Yes, I worry about infections, wiping from back to front, stains, all of it. Is she ready?

The second issue at hand, which is most important to me, is her need to remove all of her clothing before she can take care of her bathroom business. I am truly at a loss for what to do. I've worked the just take your pants off angle, but it doesn't seem to have an impact. Every time I get the call out, I enter the bathroom to find a ball of clothes, strewn all over the bathroom floor, and my daughter entirely disrobed.

We've resorted to calling her the N@ked Pooper!

To top it off, the outfit she was wearing pretty much gets abandoned for a fresh one. I suppose a fresh feeling, a fresh outfit.

So please, help me out here. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I dread the phone call from school, "Hi Denise, your daughter has pooped, can you come wipe her and bring a fresh outfit, because she's naked".


  1. i don't know about you, but I LOVE hearing "someone" call out from the bathroom SOMEBODY WIPE MY BOTTOM! it makes me feel accomplished.

  2. you think that is bad i told david he had to do the down dog yoga position and now he doesn't call down the hall he barks!!

  3. I wish we could get where you are...Potty training has been slow going around here!

  4. I um...tell my boys to do it their own darned self...if they can poop they can wipe. A sore bum taught them pretty fast how effectively to wipe. Neither one is perfect, but I'm off bum-wipe duty. ;)

  5. My daughter did the get totally naked thing. Eventually, she stopped. Sadly, my marvelous parenting had nothing to do with it!

  6. Aaahhhh...the "Naked Toileter." It wasn't so long ago that I was there. My girls are now 4 and 6. It does work itself out. What will happen is the peer pressure at school will do the trick for you. My 4 year old, Lindsey, while not in school yet, just observed her sister's technique. But the soon to be 6 year old, Jillian had to get it straightened out at school. I had all the same issues as you. But you wake up one day and find that they have been resolved all by themsleves.

  7. This made me laugh so hard. Does she disrobe entirely when in public restrooms? Could you make a "school toilet wardrobe" rule? Good luck with that...I don't mean to be snarky, but if she was that easy to potty train, you deserve a bit of difficulty! hahaha

  8. We're in that same boat right now. I've already been through it with my boys. Advice: when your daughter calls for you, assess, and if it is an easy job let her do it. She'll eventually get confident and somewhat thorough.


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