Scrabble for One...

Part of my turn off the television week was to include a heated game of Scrabble. I just didn't know it would turn out to be with myself. I can hear it now, "oh, no you didn't". Yes, out of desperation, I played Scrabble alone.

I pegged Saturday night as the big night. We had some friends over for dinner, put the kids to bed, and then my husband went to poker. Oops, forgot about the poker thing. So, I took matters into my own hands and played myself in Scrabble. Technically I suppose you need two players, but I challenged myself.

I didn't even cheat.

Well, maybe I swapped out my tiles just for fun, once.

And, I may have peeked at the Scrabble dictionary once, to check a word.

The hubby and I don't play that cut throat, challenge almost every word version, we just go with the flow. Don't worry we pipe up if we think someone is trying to pull off a 65 point non-existent word. Most of the time, it's just a big laugh.

I am very good at unscrambling words in my head, so I was wondering if my talent still existed after the birth of GL. My ability to spell words has been seriously affected after having both girls. What's up with that? One day I spelled my first name wrong on a piece of paper. Yeah, that bad.

So, the total of my game was 509, I made all the tiles work. Here is the full version. Not sure of my favorite word, maybe ZED or TRIFLE. See, now you have it right in front of you, the evidence that I am completely 100% a dork. Yep...


  1. very cool, i too love scrabble. you must have a good imagination too as there are very few small words!

  2. I loved your creation of words. Good job! I love scrabble too. My brother and I play scrabulous online. Perhaps we could do that sometime?

  3. oh no you didn't! I love it! I also love scrabble but alas do not own it due husband interesting ways of spelling words.

  4. I'll play ya! : )

  5. A very FUN dork. That is really funny. AND the fact that you then photographed the board sends you into superstar status for me.

  6. Oh My God, I have so done this before.....
    Maybe it's because last time my husband and I played each other it almost ended in divorce!


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