Some Confusion, Mainly The New Low..

I am not sure if anyone caught Oprah yesterday. Yes, I am an Oprah fan. But maybe Oprah has stooped to new lows, new attention seeking lows. It seemed a little hokey to me.

Here's the basic synopsis behind the show. A 34 year old man, named Thomas was pregnant. Yep, Oprah being the bearer of all official news, was not going to be duped, for she had a live clip of the ultrasound footage. She also had bare bellied pregnant Thomas, with close ups of his facial hair. How could this be? Gasp.

Well, you see, Thomas was really born Tracy. Tracy lived as a woman oh into her 20's. Then she took testosterone, had her breasts removed, grew some facial hair, shopped in the men's department, and lived with a woman. That same woman transferred sperm from a sperm bank into her husband's vagina so he, I mean she could conceive.

The catch, when reassigning her gender, she didn't have any surgery on her genitalia. So Thomas, was a man in appearance with a Va-Jay-Jay. Although, he was legally married, Thomas was missing a crucial body part, which to me delineates men from women. That body part would be a penis. Although, Thomas claims, testosterone does crazy things to the body and her clitoris magically turned into a penis. Hmmm.

I don't have a problem with a transgendered person having a child. The couple obviously has plenty of love to give a child. But to say a man, the first man on earth, is giving birth to a baby, is a little bit of a stretch, Oprah. Was Jerry Springer or Maury booked?

Maybe you should stick to giving away boat loads of money to people in need. I like that Oprah better.


  1. It was very weird wasn't it. I thought it was just me. If it had been on april fools it would have been much better ....

  2. I didn't see this, but I saw an advertisement. I thought it was kind of Springer-like, too.


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