Spring In My Step

Lately, I have suppressed my desire to own every pair of shoes that delight me. I have plenty of shoes that make do. Practical, cute-but practical, athletic, snow season, warm weather, and sexy-but not so comfortable shoes. With the change of weather, my shoe radar has been going off. I maybe had in the back of my mind, it would be nice to pick up a nice new pair of spring kicks. Now mind you, I haven't been actively seeking out new shoes.

But..they have found me.

I was teasing myself with a walk down the size 10 aisle at Last Call! Neiman Marcus Outlet. I always look at the shoes on our visit to the Colorado Mills, a couple times a year. I never, ever find anything. I love slipping my toes into exorbitantly expensive shoes, taking a stroll down the aisle, over-examining in the mirror. I usually get a raised eyebrow from my hubby and a those work for me glance. 99% of the time, it's a no. Typically they hurt like no tomorrow. Or the heels are high enough that I would have to duck my head walking through a doorway. Yes, I'm 5'11" so high heels aren't a mainstay in my shoe collection.

Then I tried on a pair of the softest, cutest shoes I've seen in quite sometime. Ooh, I thought. Look at the details, you could tell they were hand made and have beautiful accents of linen and natural leather. They were so comfortable that I didn't want to take them off.
The original price for the shoes was $225.00, which basically equates to the total cost of my closet full of shoes. But did you catch the Outlet part? Well, they were marked down to $108.00. Still steep. Then I noticed a faded blue stamp, my eyes glanced at the % off color coded discount chart, 75% off lowest marked price. Well, this purchase is a no-brainer, I must buy them.

Could it be?

The steal of a century?

I walked out of the store with the cutest spring shoes, for $27.00 with tax. With tax.

Just found them on Zappos for $185.

Do you notice an extra spring in my step?

And..for you shoe fanatics, those extra special, too delightful to pass up details...


  1. You really know how to attract the right things at the right prices. Very interesting karma you have and completely cute shoes. Love, KS

  2. I love the shoes and what a screaming deal!

  3. and i though i was doing good with the $10 North Face pants marked down from $60 at REI yesterday. love the shoes. mine are jealous.

  4. oh those shoes are soooo cute! I love flat shoes!

  5. O.M.G. Love them! :) I'm shopping with you from now on! LOL!


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