Stuff, Stuff, and MORE STUFF

I'm disenchanted with my stuff, my children's stuff, and my husband's stuff. And of course our collective family's stuff. I spend my days picking up stuff, organizing stuff, buying stuff to put my stuff in, cleaning stuff, and throwing away stuff.

How much stuff do we need?

Every month, I cycle through the girls' toys, ditch broken toys, put some away for a rainy day, put some away just because it's better when we have space from some toys, and recycle/donate toys we have outgrown (or I simply have grown tired of). I haven't taken on this task in a few months and I can feel it. It feels like our toys have reproduced.

Happily I can report that the girls actually use the majority of their toys, sometimes I think it's safe to give one the heave-ho when Sj pulls it out, plays with it obsessively for the day, and snuggles it at bedtime. She came down stairs with a teddy bear she was given at birth and don't think she's rarely played with. She gave me the classic, "look at my favorite teddy bear". I think it's her intuition that I am getting fed up with all the stuff.

BTW, remember that ginormous tote, I bought from Pottery Barn? I filled it easily today with stray toys that belong happily in Sj's bedroom, that have found their way into every other nook and cranny in our house, including but not limited too, under the buffet, behind the television, in the coat closet, the bathroom floor, under my bed, in the rocking chair, and on the stairs. Tote full, my head shaking in amazement.

On a related note, I am committing to giving up television for one entire week. CRAZY. It feels crazy anyway. The big week is Monday April 21- Sunday April 27. My hubby thinks we should start small and just try it for a day. I told him, I don't think we can make any breakthroughs with just one day of television off.

On a side note, we did secretly conspire to watch Top Chef on Wednesday night, but that's it. ONE HOUR. Maybe i'll feel differently about it come Wednesday.

I wonder what we are capable of as a family, with out the distraction of television and being more authentic and present in our lives. I won't be giving up my computer, but I may set time limits and set times to post. I feel it's important to post through the experience, so I can give updates on how it's going, what we are discovering about ourselves.

If you would like to join the challenge or gather info, try this link at Unplug Your Kids.

More to continue.......


  1. Hey good luck, i look forward to hearing more!

  2. LOL! I blogged about the tv today! See? Our lives ARE parallel!

  3. Oh, I can't even imagine. We had a DAY of no TV last weekend when a fire somewhere in our vicinity burnt some important cable-y thingy and it was no fun. For anyone!

    I hear you on the toys. We're over run and I need to do a good ole clean out/donate/throw away/organize but I can't bring myself to get started!

  4. good luck with that, ya...taking part in that is so not like me. but I admire you for it! Thank God you are still going to watch Top Chef.

  5. I'm all for turning off the TV for a week. We've had a day here and there where we keep it off and there are things to do. Especially when it's so nice outside.

    AND, I totally understand what you mean about "stuff." I have 2 separate piles in the basement of baby toys I'm going to donate by the time summer arrives. It really is nice to limit the amount of things and enjoy what is available.

  6. I'm in the process of tossing more and more stuff! I get grumpy and crabby when there's too much stuff in the house; it's like I can feel it all through the storage room and closets.
    And while I've thought about turning off the tv, I don't think I'm going to do it. Not this year, anyway.

  7. Well I see that I am not the only mother who constantly battles "stuff." How does it manage to creep into every nook and cranny? Some days I just feel like tossing EVERYTHING and living like a monk.

    Thanks for joining in the TV Turnoff Week. I look forward to reading how it goes for you. I hope you have fun!


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