the Television Challenge

It's over, a bit premature, but the NO television challenge has ended at EatPlayLove. I nestled into some Talk Soup coma last night followed by Flavor of Love, Anderson Cooper, and of course What Not To Wear. Oh and even a little Tyra, talk about will watch anything. And I did see Newt Gingrich and Nancy Pelosi snuggled up on a bench together for some public service message about global warming. Thanks to a quick lurk at Fox News. Strange.

You could blame my hubby for bailing on our Scrabble Night, by falling asleep with GL! Tonight's the night, the Scrabble Show Down!

In case you were wondering we did watch Top Chef. The television has been off all week, but we plugged it in Wednesday night. And there was one Baby Einstein Episode around Thursday dinner time that was just a plain ol' necessity.

My Thursday 13 already covered most of my feelings on the topic. I definitely embraced the challenged and gained a new perspective, all a positive impact on my family!

Lastly, I can't resist sharing, some humor on a similar topic, the folks over at Stuff White People Like, already did a "Not Having a TV" post, you can get a good laugh here.

Is that Jamie Oliver I hear in my living room?


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