Vail Season Closing Weekend

Simply because of my husband's occupation, I've spent many "Ending Season" weekends at various ski resorts. This weekend, we went to Vail, which was no other than closing weekend. I have to tell you, if you have any remote interest in skiing or the culture, there is nothing like closing weekend.

The atmosphere at the resort was upbeat and lively. Of course many folks on the last day chose to dress up in costume or "outdated" ski gear. A few times it was difficult for me to decipher if someone was in costume or just hadn't picked up new gear since the 90's. None the less it was a hoot. Bring out your wigs, spandex, brightly colored one piece suits, shorts, or gorilla suits and hit the slopes.

Traditionally the service goes way down hill on closing weekend, because everyone has their bags packed and are ready to head out of town as their shift ends. Pleasantly enough, we didn't find any of that this weekend. The bars were packed until closing, how would I know that? Well, I actually stayed out until closing with two of my dear old friends that joined us for the Ben Harper show! Wow.. If you know me, you would probably not expect me closing the bars! Aah, it was all in good fun, actually fabulous fun, it had been way too long fun, and can't wait until next time fun.

Until next December....

GL on my back, taking in all the excitement!
(note to self, remember this leg stance in future photos, for it is super slimming)

Last day, next year definitely bigger and better terrain! Do you like Sj's skirt, she had to join the fun dressing up for the final day!


Now, Here is some video I shot on the bus ride after the bars closed. Apparently it's a ritual for a group of about 20 friends to chant, sing, and scream fight songs on the bus ride home. It was obviously entertaining. And, to top it off I used the camera vertically and you can't change video orientation, or atleast I can't. So if you decide to watch, please remember it was all in good 2am humor!! And, this is my very first video, so expect more in the future, with the camera in the proper direction......


  1. Looks like great fun! How was the Ben Harper show?

  2. looks like fun, including the video...drunks singing always a personal favorite. :)

  3. love the video and the pictures, looks like a good time was had by all!

  4. where is the video of you pulling out all of your tricks on your snowboard? KS

  5. Never been skiing...and who is Ben Harper? :) Looks like fun, though.


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